Weight Management

How I can help you manage your weight

You probably already know what you should be doing to manage your weight, but it just seems like something outside of your control is getting in your way - am I right? 

The good news for you is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can work right at the source of the problem, helping you to change your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around eating and food, putting you back in control of creating positive conscious and subconscious habits so that you can achieve and maintain your goals. 

You've probably tried numerous 'diets' and weight loss programmes, and even if you managed to control your weight for a while you lost control again and can't quite work out why, like the vast majority of people. 

If this sounds familiar you are in good company, its the same for most people who struggle to manage their relationship with food and eating. Through hypnotherapy I can help you to:

  • Understand how your mind works and the impact this has on your weight 
  • Set realistic goals
  • Manage your relationship with food so you eat for the right reasons
  • Adopt a new set of positive behaviours that put you back in control
  • Make your new beliefs, behaviours and food relationship a life long change

When you are ready to get back in control and achieve your goals, get in touch to find out more during a free initial consultation.

Managing your weight

Managing your weight