Sports Performance Enhancement


Enhance your performance in sport

A long list of famous sports personalities have used hypnosis to help them become World Champions and Olympic Champions, and whether you are on the way to being the next World Champ, or you are simply an enthusiastic sports person who wants to maximise your performance, hypnotherapy is a powerful way to unlock your potential and help you be your very best.

As an ex International GB Team athlete myself (from a very long time ago) I know only too well how important it is to have mind and body in harmony to perform at your very best potential. Neuroscience research shows that mental rehearsal for sport is just as effective as physical rehearsal at developing the relevant connections in the brain, and it also develops an automatic subconscious program for performing beyond what you ever through possible. Whilst I represented Great Britain almost 30 years ago, I can picture and remember many of my competitions and performances as though they happened very recently, and I know I performed at my best when I had complete mental control at a conscious and subconscious level, and I was in a very positive state of mind. I can help you achieve your very best from both aspects of my expertise - being a very experienced athlete AND being an expert in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

The process:

An initial consultation to understand your goals.

Deep relaxation to prepare you to maximise your potential.

We will then move onto SMART goal setting - what you want to achieve.

Then we will use trance to create an enhanced level of relaxation and subconscious performance rehearsal.

You will be asked to create a vivid visualisation of what success looks like to you.

You will practice your performance while in trance in order to create a subconscious blue print for success.

Over time we can evolve your practice to other aspects of your sport or continue to hone your performance in your chosen area.