Phobias and Fears

Phobias and fears can take the fun out of life and they can negatively impact our mental health.

Common fears and phobias: spiders, wasps, snakes, dogs, heights, enclosed spaces, escalators, clowns, buttons, flying, balloons, buttons, public speaking, or just socializing with friends.

Most of us experience some level of fear, and this is normal, it doesn't damage our health or negatively impact on our lives. 

However, a fear or  phobia can be debilitating and stop us living a normal life where we can make choices that don't have to take the fear or phobia into account.

You'll know when things have gone too far and you are not living to your full potential when:

  • You avoid activities or events because of your fear
  • You miss out on opportunities, experiences, fun and friends
  • You have to prepare yourself in advance for certain events or situations to be able to cope
  • Just thinking about your fear or phobia makes you feel anxious or uncomfortable
  • You think your life would be better without the fear or phobia

I can offer you a very quick and simple process to help you get back to the real you, and maybe you can't even remember what that feels like.

Imagine what you might be able to do when you take action to remove your fear.

Imagine what you could miss out on if you don't.

Through Solution Focused Hypnotherapy I will:

  1. teach you how to relax and take you through a relaxation session
  2. help you to remove the unhelpful memory patterns stored in your subconscious mind that drive your fear
  3. guide you in replacing the unhelpful patterns with positive thoughts and behaviours that make the removal of your fear permanent 

This takes just 3 - 4 sessions, after which your fear or phobia will be gone, forever. It is very simple to do with my help, so why wouldn't you release yourself from being held back?

If you need any more motivation to get in touch, here is some feedback from a recent client:

"Having had a phobia of spiders since the age of 10, I now work where a lot of spiders live and also produce very big webs! I approached Mark who said that he could help with this. I was a little sceptical to start with but Mark made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After my 2nd session I had started to notice improvements, I wasn't worried when a web touched me and even picked up a spider and web infested grate!! The 3rd session cemented everything together and so when I was in the loft last weekend, a large 'Harry' was watching me and I carried on with what I was doing and there was no panic when he disappeared.  Thank you Mark, you've made life a lot easier for me. I would highly recommend Mark's services"

Fears and phobias easily removed

Fears and phobias easily removed